The ultimate guide to slot machine jackpot

The ultimate guide to slot machine jackpot

Learn all about slot machine jackpot types

Whether it is a slot machine jackpot or just the word “jackpot” itself, it influences people. They are becoming too excited to win that tremendous amount of money.

Slot games offer various kinds of jackpots and this article will cover the main types and review some strategies you can follow.

Which are the main types of Jackpot slot machine offer?

If you are a frequent online casino player, then you probably came across 4 main types of jackpots. Here they are:

  • Fixed
  • Local
  • Progressive
  • Network

They are described in more detail below.

Fixed jackpots

This variation of jackpot allows a player to get a fixed amount of money. The rate won’t be affected by other people’s bet. It is the only type of jackpot where doesn’t increase or fall irregularly.

Progressive jackpots

This slot machine jackpot can reach a sky-high limit. This happens because the amount will increase each time a player makes a bet. It can be done by the players in the same casino or anyone connected to the whole network of slots.

Therefore, there are many possibilities that bets can continue happening every second. People love progressive jackpots, but the thing is that the chances to win these incredible amounts are very low.

Local jackpots

It is formed from the bets made by the players located in one particular casino. The chances to hit this prize are much higher than in the progressive type, but it means that the winner will be also local.

Network jackpots

This jackpot is a result of the contributions of all players across the network. You can imagine that the prize is one of the highest.

Which are the best jackpot slots?

Probably, it is not possible to find one right answer. One player might have fun with buffalo slot machine jackpot while others enjoying other slots.

Here are some of the most popular ones.

Tiki Wonders

It is a progressive online video slot and you get a chance to get your slot machine jackpot to be multiplied not double, but triple. This NetEnt game with Hawaiian theme allows its players to shorten the rotation time of reels and stop it earlier. The standard payout is 10 000 coins.

Hall of Gods

Network jackpot slots claiming that they never disappoint. Players receive free spins during a game, winning any of them will multiply the prize by 3. Another great feature of Hall of Gods its RTP rate which is 96.5 %.

Don’t forget some golden rules when it comes to slot machine jackpot. Limit your losses, don’t go over your budget, get informed about the games. Winning in slots might be random, but you are the one who can control how much you are going to lose.

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